Head Mounted 3D HD VR Glasses, Compatible with Android and IOS Smartphones, Virtual Reality Game Video Head Mounted , 3D HD Virtual Reality Headset


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Product type: VR glasses
Material: ABS
Product color: Black
Product size: 18×13.5x10cm/7.1×5.3×3.9in
Packing size: 22x15x10cm/8.6×5.9×3.9in
Net weight:250g/0.55lb
Gross weight: 300g/0.66lb
Resolution: 1080p
Screen size: 4.7-6.5 inch mobile phone
Myopia support: two eyes within 600 degrees can be adjusted independently
Horizontal field of view: about 100°
【360 ° immersive experience in three-dimensional space】High-quality VR content will bring you into a new 360 ° world, make your dream within reached, and deeply customize the O-S for VR, integrating application, entertainment and social networking.
【Play games just like in real life】Fully immerse yourself through 3D position tracking and tactile feedback to jointly create a real virtual world. Explore in the fields of games, fitness, multiplayer games and entertainment, and enjoy a completely unique VR experience.
【Travel without leaving home】Travel without leaving home. From then on, travel will no longer be painful. Lie on the beach and enjoy the warm sunshine and beautiful women. I have been to all the places you have been, and I have also been to the places you haven’t been.
【Immersive giant screen viewing 】Are you still playing with the small screen while watching the movie on the big screen? Bring thousands of magi-c mirror VR glasses and experience the ups and downs of the plot with the Theate-r curtain effect. The blockbuster is full of sense of substitution!
【The experience of full immersion can’t stop】VR smart glasses pursues the experience of full immersion. It makes players fall in love with VR through all-round experiences such as hearing, vision and touched.
1xVR glasses

Upgraded Version of vr glasses! With comfortable earphone, adjust headphones . 3D phase sound technology brings you immersion audition experience in three-dimensional space, good sound insulation effect and strong bass, easy experience of VR immersion in the world.
Using Japanese SLR optical PMMA material, the 45MM short focal length design brings a 100 degree wide angle of view, which is closer to the real angle of view of human eyes. Multi function humanized design, bottom button volume, , quick retreat, one key to the phone.
2 lenses are designed independently, pupil distance and object distance adjustment are available for myopic population. Our model supports naked eye viewing with myopia below 0-600 degrees and direct viewing with myopic glasses. After wearing it, please adjust the left (right) pupil distance to suit yourself.
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: high-end gifts for Father’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday s. Children’s virtual reality VR glasses. It is compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices through 4.7-6.7inch screens, and brings you a fully immersive visual 360 experience through e-books.

Head Mounted 3D HD VR Glasses, Compatible with Android and IOS Smartphones, Virtual Reality Game Video Head Mounted , 3D HD Virtual Reality Headset
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